Cyberstar Liquid Phase Epitaxy Furnace, offered by ECM Greentech, is based on controlled power distribution technology. The system has a translation unit to hold and dip the seed wafer into the melt, and the crucible is equipped with ACRT rotating mechanism. Each thermal zone in the furnace is equipped with several sub-heaters controlled independently to obtain the perfect homogeneous thermal distribution and a very low required thermal gradient. Integrated software is provided to control and monitor the thermal profile in the furnace by a direct experimental measurement solution. The growth process (including the heating power, translation movement and rotation of the crucible) is fully configurable by the software and can be automatically operated using the Automatic Sequence Mode. The specific design of the furnace makes it ideal for laboratory use, universities, and R&D centers.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions up to Ø 150 mm
Features Control of current distribution between the direffrent heating rings
Crucible ACRT rotation fully automatic
Resistive heating
Operating security loop system
Water and air cooled (working temperature in the reactor up to 1200 °C)
Fully computerized heating and translation process
Fully integrated vertical temperature profiler to test and regulate to unifrorm temperature in the reactor zone
Integration Possibility of Automation