Semco ACTISTAR is the compact batch-type, vertical Single very-high-temperature furnace, offered by ECM Greentech and dedicated to post-implant anneal of SiC & GaN wafers. Key characteristics of this furnace line are: high performance temperature treatment combined with industrial process control, integration modularity, and a user-friendly interface. The applied heating technology alloys very fast heat rate for best uniform sheet resistance and shorter cycle times. The ACTISTAR furnace can also handle multiple gases with a temperature range from 200 to 2050°C. Its modular design allows to meet a large range of clean thermal treatment for R&D and Pilot production facilities.

AS150: up to 150mm wafer size

AS200: up to 200mm wafer size

Technical Sheet

Substrate dimensions Up to 200 mm
Substrate material SiC, GaN
Features Single process chambers
Chamber configurable for 150mm or 200mm wafer size
Configurable for 25 or 50 wafers
Comptact footprint
Excelent process precision and repeatibility
High performance and life-time process technology
Low power consumption and low carbon print
Over 30 years process expertise
Process temperature up to 2050°C
PID Temperature control
Temperature measurement by Pyrometers
Maximum heat rate ≥ 100°C/min
Gas System with N2, Ar, H2
Front side operation access (through-clean-room wall)
Industrial Process PLC and Windows® based Mycore supervision
Options SECS/GEM compliant with SEMI E30, E37 up to customer requirements
Integration Cassette to Cassette Automation with Robitic and Wafer Transfer System (LINK TO THE ROBOTICS / AUTOMATION IN SERVICE)
Post-implant anneal of SiC & GaN wafers
Compliant graphene growth process