Cyberstar Bridgman Furnace offered by ECM Greentechs, with high precision control and multiple data process recording and acquisition, is based on mono- or multi-heater configurations in order to obtain a better control of the thermal gradient in the different thermal zones. Both resistive and inductive heating technology are possible, in accordance to the operating temperature and growth environment. The furnaces can also be equipped with crucible rotation without losing crucible temperature measurement – thanks to the Cyberstar rotating thermocouple system. The specific design of the furnace makes it ideal for laboratory use, universities, and R&D centers.

Technical Sheet

Substrate material Ø 100 mm single crystal setup
250 Kg mass Polycrystalline solidification setup
Features Precise crucible translation with a resolution up to 0.01 mm/h
Maximum pulling speed of the crucible 100 mm/min
Thermocouples system for temperature measurement for the hot and cold zones
Automatic control of the heating process
Resistive or inductive heating system
Maximum temperature 2600°C
Gradient from 1° to 30° C/cm
Internal effective (or equivalent) diameter up to 500 mm
Ingot size up to up to 200 kg
Options Possible vacuum chamber for primary and secondary vacuum
Automatic control of solidification process via Cyberstar software
Temperature measurement by Pyrometers
Operating pressure up to 100 bars
Precise pressure regulation system
Controlled mass flow of diffrent atmosphere gases
Integration Possibility of Automation and software controled growth process