The PV600 furnace is a directional solidification furnace ideal for G5 and G6 silicon ingot crystallization up to 800 kg offered by ECM Greentec. It is adapted to mass production requirements. The design of our 3 heaters hot zone and innovative cooling device makes this furnace the most advanced DS furnace on the market. PV600 furnace design has been developed for Crystalmax® cast-mono technology to grow fully <100> oriented G5 and G6 ingots up to 800kg and gives the capacity to produce high ingot quality suitable to process high efficiency solar cells like PERC and Passivated Contacts technologies. It features optimised production cost due to high silicon feedstock yield, fully automatic thermal cycle, low maintenance cost and low electrical consumption and low carbon footprint. PV600 furnace design is suitable with large size wafers production from M2 to M6 and M12 wafers.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions 3900mm*4150mm*4769mm
Features Vessel Water cooled double walls made of stainless steel (Cold wall technology)
Vacuum Ultimate vacuum level 1.10-3mbar Working vacuum level: from 1.10-2 to 1.10-3mbar
Pressure Partial pressure of Argon neutral gas Maximal pressure patm+50mbar
Maximum temperature 1550°C (1575 °C)
Heaters 210 KW, 3 heating zones
Side 70 KW
Top 70 KW
Bottom 70 KW
Safety Optimised design to limit the consequences of a silica crucible breakage
Maximum heating rate 500 °C/hour
Heating elements Graphite
Insulation casing 60 mm graphite
Ingot Features
Dimensions G6, suitable to cut 36 bricks (156×156 mm²), compatible with upgraded wafer size M2 to M12
Weight From 650 to 800 kg
Growing technology CrystalMax® cast-mono, HP-multi or multicrystalline
Loading Bottom loading /unloading, safe and easy
Supervision Touchscreen interface
Options Operation modes Fully automatic thermal cycle of manual mode
Options Accelerated / forced cooling
Integration Turnkey Line

PV 20
Directional solidification furnace G1

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G2

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G8

14 octobre 2020