Cyberstar Laser Heater Pedestal, offered by ECM Greentech, is a high temperature furnace utilizing a high energy laser beam focused on a localized area of the rod sample, and can reach temperatures up to 3000°C. The furnace operates based on the float zone technique using one rod of the grown material, or operated using a seed and feeding rod to provide the melted drop. Both of these solutions are possible thanks to the independent vertical conversion between the upper and lower holders in the furnace. The rod movement is perfectly synchronized using the Cyberstar control software, which is included with the furnace. It can be used to obtain crystal rods or fibers depending on the independent speed translation programming of the upper and the lower holders. This specific design of the furnace makes it ideal for laboratory use, universities, and R&D centers.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions Ø 5 mm
Features Operating temperature up to 2750°C
Precise and synchronized upper and lower translations ( with a resolution up to 0.01 mm/h )
Water cooled chamber up to 3000 °C
Equipped with quartz (or sapphire) window view ports
Operating security loop systema
Primary vacuum, inert gas, reductive and oxidizing atmospheres
Chamber capabilities for primary and secondary vacuum
Laser power up to 400 W
Options Maximum operating gas pressure chamber 100 bars
High magnification camera for full monitoring and recording of the growth process
Pyrometer for localized temperature measurement
Integration Flexibility to include monitoring and analysis equipment