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ECM Greentech, a subsidiary of the ECM Group, is specialized in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment and turn-key lines for the renewable energies industry and their storage.

ECM Technologies has pioneered the development of industrial size silicon casting furnaces with one of the first in the world 60kg furnace delivered in 1983. With a strong industrial focus, ECM Technologies kept increasing the capacity and efficiency of the furnace as well as providing innovation. After the successful commissioning of a 60 MW wafer turnkey line in Kazakhstan, ECM Greentech was created and became a solar energies specialist.

Since 2009 in close partnership with a world leading research center on solar energy CEA-INES (National Institute of Solar Energy, France), ECM Greentech has developed a new crystallization process called CrystalMax which is the most competitive C-Si technology  today.

With the acquisition of SEMCO Technologies in 2016, manufacturer of equipment for semi-conductor and solar industries, ECM Greentech is now the leading PV equipment manufacturer in France and a recognized worldwide actor in photovoltaic equipment manufacturing for the end-to-end value chain, from ingots to cells.

In 2020 ECM Greentech integrated Cyberstar, an expert company in crystal growth for advanced applications. ECM Greentech has today three core competencies represented worldwide under three brands: ECM Greentech for PV activities and turnkey lines engineering, SEMCO for semiconductor applications and Cyberstar for advanced crystal genesis. 

Thanks to its expertise in the aforementioned fields, ECM Greentech is one of the leading companies for tomorrow’s advanced applications in new energies and associated industries.


Tomorrow’s technologies born today

ECM Greentech strives to develop leading edge technologies for renewable energies and their storage, semiconductor and advanced crystals applications, from laboratory to industrial scales.

ECM Technologies: mother company

ECM Technologies is specialized in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing high-tech industrial furnaces to meet needs of all industry sectors, such as car industry, aerospace, nuclear, medical,  etc.

The company started heat-treating furnaces in 1928. Since that time, its personnel has always been totally committed to extending its knowledge in the fields of temperature control, high pressure, vacuum and material behaviour.


Because innovation is fundamental for our success, R&D is at the heart of our priorities. Every year ECM Greentech invests an important amount in R&D that allows us to stay a step ahead of competition.

Choosing ECM Greentech is to make sure you benefit from the best technology available. ECM has a privileged partnership with the world renowned research institute CEA INES (National Institute for Solar Energy, France) which is located just 45 min drive away from ECM.

Our values

To give more value to the PV industry.

We owe it to each of our customers.

Customer’s satisfaction
This is the first indicator of our performance.

This is the cement which unites our teams worldwide.

To be close to our customers, wherever they are.

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