ECM Greentech offers crystal growth equipment that capable of growing sapphire crystals using the Edge Defined Film Fed Growth (EFG) method. The standard heating method is inductive; however, it can also be equipped with Cyberstar resistive heating elements. Several sizes are available to meet laboratories requirements as well as R&D centers.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions 400*60*6 (L*W*T)
600*150*6 (L*W*T)
Features Various Crystal sizes up to 60 kg
Cyberstrar precise pulling head
Equipped with quartz (or sapphire) window view ports
Resistive or inductive heating
Operating security loop system
Water cooled (working temperature in the reactor up to 2600 °C)
Fully computerized heating process
Chamber capabilities for primary and secondary vacuum
Options Weighing device up to 60 kg
Added crucible translation ( manual or automatic)
Precise pressure regulation system
Controlled mass flow of diffrent atmosphere gases
Integration Possibility of Automation