Cyberstar Micro Pulling Down is a high temperature furnace, offered by ECM Greentech, adapted for direct growth of mono crystalline thin rods and fibers from the melt. With a working temperature up to 2200°C, it can be used to produce high length monocrystalline fibers (greater than 100 mm) of oxides, semiconductors, or metals. The furnace is based on a pull-down system where a fiber seed dipped into a suspended drop of melted charge is suspended from a capillary orifice at the base of the crucible. The furnace is equipped with a Cyberstar pulling head with high stability providing a pulling speed resolution as low as 0.01 mm/h. These characteristics of the furnace make it ideal for laboratory use, as well as, for universities, R&D centers, and production facilities.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions Ø 0,5 – 3 mm
Features Crystals (up to 6 mm diameter)
Resistive or inductive heating
Equipped with quartz window view ports
Operating security loop system
Chamber capabilities for primary and secondary vacuum
Cyberstrar precise pulling head
Fibers ( 0.5 mm diameter)
Grown at 2200°C
Operation under vacuum, closed or open atmosphere
Automatic control system with PC computer and control software
Options Pyrometer for temperature measurement
High magnification camera for monitoring and recording of the process
Integration Possibility of Automation