Semco DF-Series are ECM Greentech batch-type, horizontal tubular furnaces for mass-production. Key characteristics of this furnace line are: precision semiconductor processing combined with industrial process control, integration modularity, and a user-friendly interface. Each populated chamber can be independently configured and operated in a large range of atmospheric, sub-atmospheric or low pressure processes. The DF furnaces can also handle multiple gases and liquid precursors with a temperature range from 200 to 1300°C. Its modular design allows to meet a large range of clean thermal treatment for industrial facilities.
DF5204-S150: up to 150mm wafers size
DF6303-S200 & DF6304-S200: up to200mm wafer size

Technical Sheet

Substrate dimensions Up to 200 mm
Substrate material Si, SiC, GaN, Sapphire, ceramic, quartz, metal
Features 1 to 4 independent process chambers
Chamber configurable for 150mm or 200mm wafer size
Up to 400 wafers (Atmospheric), 300 wafers (LYDOP/LYTOX), 200 wafers (LPCVD)
Mass production horizontal furnace
Excelent process precision and repeatibility
High performance and life-time process technology
Low power consumption and low carbon print
Over 30 years process expertise
3 or 5 zones resistive heaters up to 1300°C
External & internal thermocouple Digital Direct Temperature Control (DDTC)
Atmospheric, reduced or low pressure capabilities upon process
Gas Cabinet for up to 8 gases
Liquid source precursor Cabinet and vaporisation
Industrial Process PLC and Windows® based Mycore supervision
Compatible with 156X square substrate (PV)
Options Process related pump package
Laminar Flow class 1 (vertical or horizontal)
Furnace roof top with exhaust ducts or water cooled heat exchanger
SECS/GEM compliant with SEMI E30, E37 up to customer requirements
Dedicated additional process features upon process configuration
Manual or automatic boat loading
Integration Cassette to Cassette Automation with Robitic and Wafer Transfer System (LINK TO THE ROBOTICS / AUTOMATION IN SERVICE)
Dry oxydation with O2
Pyrolithic oxidation with H2/O2 torch
Wet Oxide with Pure DI water steamer
Boron or phosphorous dope with liquid, solid or gas source
High temperature diffusion of P or P junction
Low temperature Annealing, Sinter, Alloy
LYDOP phosphorous dope with POCl3 or PH3
LYDOP boron dope with BCl3
LYSINTER forming gas to 100% H2 annealing
LYTOX dry or wet extreme precision oxides
LPCVD Nitride: Stochiometric, Low-Stress, Oxynitride
LPCVD Poly : Flat, Intrinsic or p/n-doped
LPCVD a-Si: Amorphous, Low-Stress
LPCVD Si on Sapphire
LPCVD TEOS : Undoped, PSG/BPSG, Conformal
LPCVD Tungsten