Cyberstar Tetra Arc Furnace offered by ECM Greentech is a high temperature furnace compatible with processing high melting point materials that processes materials with high melting points up to 3000°C without the need for a crucible. It is also propose as a Czochralski crystal growth solution to produce mono crystals of rare material with very high melting points. The heating of the melt is done with the ignition of three (or four) electric arcs positioned around the melting charge. The pulling mechanism is equipped with the precise and stable Cyberstar pulling head having a conversion rate of 0.01 to 100 mm/h, coupled with a weight growth measurement with precision up to 0.001 g/h. The specific design of the furnace makes it ideal for laboratory use,universities, and R&D centers.

Technical Sheet

Effective dimensions Up to Ø 10 mm for the crystal pulling and Ø 40 mm for sample synthesis
Features Cyberstrar precise pulling head
Equipped with quartz ( or sapphire) window view ports
Operating security loop system
Chamber capabilities for primary and secondary vacuum
Direct manual alignement and adjustment of the electrodes
Water cooled chamber and melting plateform (working temperature in the reactor up to 3000 °C)
Options Weighing device up to 5 kg
Controlled mass flow of diffrent atmosphere gases
Precise pressure regulation system
Integration Flexibility to include monitoring and analysis equipment

PV 20
Directional solidification furnace G1

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G2

14 octobre 2020

ECM PV 600 detoure

Directional solidification furnace G6

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G8

14 octobre 2020