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The crystallization of silicon is a crucial step in the PV manufacturing process. Being the first step in shaping the silicon wafers, it impacts the subsequent manufacturing steps and overall efficiency potential for the product. The crystallization of silicon is our core expertise.

PV 20
Directional solidification furnace G1

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G2

14 octobre 2020

ECM PV 600 detoure

Directional solidification furnace G6

14 octobre 2020


Directional solidification furnace G8

14 octobre 2020

ECM Greentech offers directional solidification furnaces (DSS) from G1 to G8 available with CrystalMax® technology. Our furnaces design takes into account all the specifications of the PV industry:
  • Capability to produce high ingot quality suitable to process high efficiency solar cells
  • Optimized production cost due to high silicon feedstock yield
  • Fully automatic thermal cycle
  • Low maintenance cost, low electrical consumption
  • Bottom loaded furnace to simplify and to secure the loading/unloading operations
  • Three heating zones for the perfect melting/crystallization thermal control
  • Optimized heat extraction for high efficiency processes
  • Safety: Optimised design and process control (hardware and software) to take into account possible silica crucible breakage during cycle.

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