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ECM Group

The ECM Groups is a French industrial group that gathers companies, skills and devoted teams mastering atmosphere management, heat and gas flows. It serves a wide range of industries that need these three components for diverse applications. These are structured as three distinct companies:

ECM Technologies, Mother Company, is the vacuum heat treatment furnace specialist. It has more than 90 years of experience and is the actual world leader for vacuum carburizing installations.

ECM Greentech is the second company of the group which focuses on renewable energies, their storage and advanced applications. It serves three core markets with renowned brands.

  • ECM Greentech is focusing on photovoltaic, energy storage and on the engineering of turnkey lines for PV activities. It developed its own crystallization process and manufactures silicon crystal growth furnaces. 
  • SEMCO, another brand held by Greentech is focusing on semiconductor & PV applications. It also intervenes in the PV value chain right after ECM Greentech’s silicon crystallization furnaces. These two brands cover the whole value chain of PV cells manufacturing. 
  • Cyberstar is a world leading manufacturer of crystallization furnaces. It serves high tech industries such as optical, medical, LED and x-ray or gamma detectors industries.  Their crystal growth machines are well known for their outstanding reliability and performance in many R&D laboratories and industrial companies.

Finally, SEMCO Components and Flowlink  manufacture electrostatic chucks and gas components (massflow). Their products are known for their high level of technology and quality.