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Squaring Silicon Ingot

The ECM PV LAB Squarer is a diamond based bricking equipment which can handle G2 multi or mono silicon ingots.This equipment is designed for research and development or small production line purpose.


  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • High material output
  • Cost-effectiveness

Technical sheet

    Maximal cutting capacity (L * W * H) Ingot 400 mm X 400 mm X 300 mm
    Dimensions (L * W * H) 1 500 mm X 1 000 mm X 2 200 mm
    Weight 1500 kg
    Power supply 400 V
    Cutting speed 0 to 10 m/s
    Feeding speed 0 to 1 000 mm/mn
    Diamond wire saw (closed loop)
    4 parallel sawing loops (⌀ 0,6 wire)
    2 independent sawing units
    Wire breakage detection with motor torque
    Saw unit descent actuator (BRUSHLESS-type motor)
    Pulley driver (BRUSHLESS-type motor)
    90° base-plate rotation
    Wire lubrication nozzle with flow rate adjustment
    Wire cleaning nozzle with flow rate adjustment
    4 safe access doors
    Water supply connection 3/8″ G
    Wastes evactuation connection 1″ 1/2 G
    Cleaning hand shower
    Internal lighting
    PROFACE HMI with a 6″ monitor
    1. Ingot base plate (depending on the type of ingot)
    2. Loading cart for ingot handling

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    Squaring Silicon Ingot

    Squaring Silicon Ingot | Ingot cutting equipment | ECM Greentech

    Squaring Silicon | Ingot Industrial equipment for squaring silicon ingot in preparation for the wafering process. This solution is cost effective.

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