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ECM PV600 is a directional solidification furnace for crystallization of G6 silicon ingot.

Technical Sheet

Dimensions G6, suitable to cut 36 bricks (156.75 x 156.75 mm² or larger)
Weight standard 650 kg, from 600 kg to more than 750 kg depending on the size of the silicon feedstock pieces.
Growing technology CrystalMax®, HP-multi or multicrystalline
Vessel water cooled double walls made of stainless steel
Vacuum Ultimate vacuum level 1.10-3mbar
Working vacuum level: from 1.10-2 to 1.10-3mbar
Pressure Partial pressure of neutral gas
Maximal pressure patm+50mbar
Maximum temperature 1550°C
Heaters 210kW, 3 heating zones
Safety Optimized design to limit the consequences of a silica crucible breakage
Loading bottom loading /unloading, safe and easy
Supervision Touchscreen interface
Operation modes Fully automatic thermal cycle
or manual mode
Argon <60m3 per cycle
Cooling water 12m3/h at 3 bars (closed loop recommended)
Power consumption Average <60 kW/h