The ECM PV LAB Cropper is a diamond wire saw which enables users to crop tops and tails of mono and multi crystalline silicon blocks, in preparation for the wagering process. This equipment is designed for research and development or small production line purpose.

Technical Sheet

Maximal cutting capacity (L * W * H) Square or round shape of 160 mm, length of 500 mm
Dimensions (L * W * H) 1200 mm * 600 mm * 1800 mm
Weight 250 Kg
Power supply 220 V (or other on request)
Cutting speed 0 to 10 m/s
Feeding speed 0 to 500 mm/mn
Wire type Ø 0,6 wire (closed loop)
Continuous and programmable wire tension control
Wire break detection with motor torque
Wire lubrification nozzle
Wire cleaning and blowing nozzle
PROFACE HMI with a 6″ monitor
Electrical interlock of the loading door
Cleaning shower
Air connection 3/8″ G
Water supply connection 3/8″ G
Water consumption : 30L/cut (depending on process)
Wastes evacuation connection 1″G
1. Filtration module with a 5µ-median
2. Loading cart for ingot handling
3. Stop referencing
4. Light signaling alarm
5. Internal lighting