Because innovation is fundamental for our success, R&D is at the heart of our priorities. Every year ECM Greentech invests an important amount to the R&D that allows increasing of our technological advance.
Choosing ECM Greentech is to make sure you benefit from the best technology available. ECM has privileged partnership with a world leading research center on solar energy: CEA-INES (National Institute of Solar Energy, France). Its activities cover the whole value chain, from materials and components to applications of solar technologies. INES experimental PV facilities allow testing of advanced technologies testing at reduced-scale and life-sized solar power plants.
Our R&D activities are focused on the most promising technologies in the solar industry.

R&D focus

01 - Ingot

02 - Wafer

03 - Cell

04 - Module

The result of our R&D efforts is continuous improvement of our equipment and technologies on the main aspects :
Process safety improvement
Manufacturing cost optimization
Material yield and efficiency gain